Trailers & Truck Beds

For Houston, TX | Brenham, TX | Hempstead, TX | Waller, TX

Are you looking to give your pickup truck more hauling power? A spacious and secure truck bed or trailer makes it a breeze to transport equipment, materials, products, and more. Champion Ranchers Construction is your premier source for high quality trailers and truck beds in the Houston, Brenham, Hempstead, and Waller, TX areas.

With truck beds in particular, you can get creative and find several ways to take advantage of them beyond moving things. Use your truck bed to tailgate before an event, sleep off of the ground during a camping trip, or construct a mobile swimming pool with a tarp lining.

A trailer is like an entire vehicle itself, only without power. The type of trailers that attach to pickup trucks are commonly referred to as hot shot trailers. If you need to haul some serious weight, a hot shot will let you fully load up without putting strain on your rear suspension.

Here at Champion Ranchers Construction, we stock truck beds from all the top brands, such as Bedrock, Neckover, and CM, and trailers by Big Tex, Load Trail, Top Hat, and more. If you're not sure what style would be best for your needs or vehicle, our expert staff will help you find the perfect rig and get it all set up for you. We proudly serve all of Texas, including Hempstead, Brenham, Houston, and Waller. Contact us today for more information about our trailers and truck beds!

Truck Beds